“Most leaders think leadership is about being in charge. No it’s not it’s about taking care of those in your charge. Most leaders think everybody works for them. No, you work for the people in your organisation. It’s your responsibility  to take care of them, make them feel safe and they will naturally want to cooperate and work hard and give you their blood and sweat and tears to advance your vision. All they ask is that you take care of them, make them feel valued and valuable and the rest takes care of itself. It’s like a parent, it’s like a coach, teach them, train them, give them the opportunity to fail and try again. ” Simon Sinek

I absolutely love that quote from Simon Sinek.  To me it outlines the core principle of leadership. When people feel safe and trusted and valued: they will flourish.

So how do you ensure that your organisation and culture is one built on safety and trust? Here are our Top 5 Tips for maintaining Trust as a Core Value.

  1. Genuinely Care for everyone on the team and show them that you do. That doesn’t just mean remembering birthdays, it means knowing what is happening in their lives and being appreciative and supportive of it. If someone’s child is sick, be understanding and thoughtful.
  2. Empower their Role. Ensure that the Role they are performing and the expectations are clear and then leave them to it. Trust that they will deliver in whatever way they feel is right. For example, if you are providing a verbatim script for your customer service team are you really empowering them? Is that Conscious Leadership?
  3. Listen from a place of Love. Don’t let your ego take over. Consider the person you are speaking to and take the time to listen from a place of understanding and love.
  4. Be Present. As leaders we often get caught up in the busy-ness or stress and as such we often don’t take the time to give someone the right focus and attention. If you find your awareness wandering, or if you are wishing they would hurry up and get on with it… Take some deep breaths and bring yourself back to the present.
  5. Open and Honest Relationships. If everyone on the team knows that it is OK to speak openly and honestly about things without being judged, that builds safety and trust. Leadership in this instance is by example – be as open as possible with the team about your own challenges and feelings and show them it is OK for them to do the same.

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