Starting a Business

Visualising and Scheduling

One of the biggest challenges for people thinking of starting a business is that they need to keep doing whatever it is they are currently doing to earn the money to live their lives. They want the freedom of having their own business and the financial rewards that a business will bring them (never mind the additional fulfilment), but they don’t have a full bank account that will support them whilst building it. So they have to build their business “on the side” whilst still working for a company doing whatever they are currently doing. Often called the “Side Hustle”.

The challenge with this is that they often already feel overworked or stressed with their current job and they can’t seem to find a way of carving out enough time to make the new business happen. Or they start with great intentions and then life gets in the way, they have a busy week at work and all of a sudden they’ve lost the momentum or motivation and they have to build up to it all over again.

If this is resonating with you there are a few things you can do when starting a business to help you keep accountable to building the business you want, and give yourself the motivation to stick with it.

The first exercise which anyone starting a business should do is a visualisation exercise that helps you to hone in on your future business, what it looks and feels like and why it is that you want to do it. Then you will literally document and build a picture or video of that future business. Your job is then to look at this everyday and feel the emotion of your new business.  You literally put yourself into that future on a daily basis and this REALLY helps to manifest the reality into your life. This helps to keep you motivated and helps build the momentum of your new life.

The second exercise assists on a more practical level, helping you to schedule in the time you are going to spend on your new business and how you are going to fit this into your life.

Do take the time for the exercises – these techniques are PROVEN and really work when starting a business. If you don’t make a change and take the time to do this, it is not going to happen. Don’t get another 10 years down the track and wish that had started your own business.

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