Regardless of where we are on the scale of consciousness, unless we are a guru living in a cave , we exist in and interact with the modern world, and so let’s face it, stuff comes up. And sometimes when that stuff comes up we find ourselves repeating old behaviours that are not aligned with who we want to be.

So an interesting pattern came up for me the other day whilst being in the midst of writing The Conscious CEO book.

(Spoiler alert – if you just want to skip to how to re-calibrate when stuff comes up and you see yourself slipping back, then see the 5 tips at the end of this blog.)

I find that when I get very passionate about something all of a sudden I find myself racing with it, I have this accelerated drive that is so intense. I become aware that I have adrenalin coursing through my body and I then start to put pressure on myself to hurry up and get finished. I notice that in that frame of energy things do not flow as smoothly as they should, the creative process when those elements are present start to feel forced. I observed that I was repeating old behaviours.

When this came up for me I had a flash back to when I was running my organic cosmetics business Inika. I had an awareness that I not only put myself under that pressure, I put the whole team through it – with this incredible drive and productive output that was unbelievable. I’m amazed that people coped with it as well as they did. So in other words when I start driving myself relentlessly and getting impatient, that energy automatically gets put on the team.

Whilst there are times when adrenalin and drive are beneficial there are also many times when they are not. It is the old fight or flight response; back when we lived in caves that was a hugely beneficial thing – when we were being chased by a bear, but the problem in modern society is that we often don’t turn that response off. When I’m putting pressure on myself or a team and it is relentless, then there is no release and our bodies become accustomed to that feeling, and that is not healthy. In addition when we come from that energy the creative process is not free flowing and organic, it is pressured.

So here’s what I did to re-calibrate, and these are tips and techniques anyone can use when they find themselves riding the adrenalin wave too much or unproductively:

1.Gym Workout
I started the next day with a great gym workout. Energetic activity is great for balancing chakras and particularly great for stress reduction.

I use a different meditation depending on what I need to manifest or bring into my life at the time. In this case I was aware that my third chakra was overactive so I needed to clear it and move the energy. So in this meditation I did a Balancing The Energy Centres meditation by Dr Joe Dispenza and I also focused on my heart. For me my best and creative output is in when I’m in my heart so I really focused on love, acceptance & forgiveness that I had temporarily slipped back into an old emotion and compassion for myself and others.

3.Put it Aside
I stopped working on the activity that was pushing my buttons, I just put it aside for a few days and instead focused on an activity that I knew would centre me back in my heart. Often we put the pressure of a deadline on ourselves when the reality is that the world won’t fall apart if we don’t deliver at that exact time. And when we are not in the right energy space we aren’t producing our best work anyway.

4.Take Breaks
When I get in one of those states I notice that I don’t even take a break, I just work through, almost without looking up. The next day I made sure that I took a break at lunchtime and had a walk down by the water. Changing our perspective and being in nature is one of the best ways to re-calibrate.

5.Be Gentle With Yourself
For me the things that nurture me deliciously are baths, saunas and massages. I made sure that at the end of my working day I took a long relaxing soak in a candlelit bath with essential oils.

Now I feel back to the real me.

What about you? Do you catch yourself repeating old behaviours, and what do you do when you notice you’ve slipped into that old pattern?