I believe one of the most important principles of Conscious Leadership is putting people and purpose over profits. One of my favourite quotes from John Mackey, CEO of Wholefoods:
“A metaphor I like to use is that my body can’t live unless it’s making red blood cells,” he explains. “If I stop making red blood cells, I’d be dead in no time. It does not logically follow that the purpose of my life is to make red blood cells.” The same logic applies to business. If a business does not make profits, it dies. But it does not follow that the purpose of business is to make profits.”
This principle and belief is at the centre of a Conscious Business but what other aspects are important or critical to the ongoing Conscious Leadership of that business?

1.Make sure you have designed and documented your Business Purpose and ensure everyone in the team is united behind that Purpose. You can download a FREE resource tool that will help you and your team align to a Higher Purpose if you have not already done so.
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2.Create a documented Vision of your future business. Ensure you and the team tap into this everyday. You can download a FREE resource that will guide you through this process if you have not already done so.
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3.Self Awareness – recognise when you are operating from ego, be aware when you are reacting to something negatively or defensively, and self correct when you make that observation, this is one of the key principles of Conscious Leadership.

4.Trust – the ability to let go of the need to control everything and everyone in the organisation and instead trust the individuals and roles within the business.

5.Organisation/Systems Awareness – the ability to organise differently or innovate quickly in order to be agile and evolutionary.

6.Social responsibility – to have a focus and positive effect on society – whether that be within the team, the community or the world at large.

What practices or beliefs do you think are key principles of Conscious Leadership? Please use the Comments to give us your feedback.