How we approach our morning sets us up for the rest of the day. And how we approach our Monday morning is probably the most important one, as it sets us up for the week. Working out a set of morning rituals that are right for you is the best way to get going in the morning and can bring you positive results throughout your day. We’re not all the same, for some people a morning run is essential, for some it is morning yoga. Whatever is the right combination for you, the important thing is to do it consistently and enjoy the process. So here are some morning ritual ideas that will set you up for a fantastic day:

Morning Ritual #1 – Morning Meditation
The health benefits of meditation are renowned; meditation reduces stress, improves concentration and also immunity. It increases self awareness and happiness and has also been shown to slow aging. I struggled for years trying to meditate and tried multiple different types before I found a practice that worked for me. Dr Joe Dispenza’s approach really clicked for me, if you are interested he now does an online course If you haven’t cracked the meditation process yet, keep trying, once you unlock it meditation is an absolute gift and one of the best morning rituals you can do.

Morning Ritual #2 – Get into Nature
We don’t realise how important it is to experience nature. When you go from the four walls of an apartment or house, where you may not have much of a view and go into a train or something similar for your commute and then remain enclosed in a building all day, we are cutting ourselves off from the negative ions in nature which have a very positive effect on our bodies. If you can get to a park in the morning or a beach, the negative ions will work wonders on your health and it will also help to change your perspective. Just having a wider view of the physical world has a positive impact on our mental health.

Morning Ritual #3 – Grounding
If you do manage to get to a park or a beach try to spend some of that time with bare feet. Studies have shown that grounding, connecting our bodies to the earth, reduces inflammation and pain. It can also improve sleep and increase energy levels. If you are someone who travels a lot, grounding has also been shown to help with jet lag.

Morning Ritual #4 – Move Your Body
Whether you opt for a walk, a run, a swim or a cycle, moving your body is a great way to start the day. If you are into yoga, a morning yoga session is the perfect way to get going. If you can’t make it to a whole class just doing some stretches or a few salutes to the sun will set you up in a great way.

Morning Ritual #5 – Visualisation
I’ve used visualisation as part of my morning ritual for many years. I used to record myself describing my future, speaking from the present tense and really putting emotion and feeling into the process. Then I would listen to the audio on the beach each morning. Then I discovered Mind Movies Now I watch a mind movie of my future/present life and I feel like that has ramped up the creation process even more.

Whatever your morning rituals are, the important thing is to enjoy the process and get into the habit of setting up your day well. I didn’t mention coffee but that is also a requirement of my morning rituals 🙂
What about you? What morning ritual do you do and how does it make you feel?