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Let’s scale…

Before we get into the nitty gritty of growing a business – the sales, marketing and growth hacking let’s get some foundation principles covered.

There are two essential foundations that every entrepreneur should have covered before then can really optimise the scaling the process.

The first is the Detailed Business Visualisation. 

This is where you vision, document and build either an image map or video of every aspect of the scaled business.

Once this is complete, this should be shared with the team and it should be something that you look at, read, watch or listen to every day.

If you have not already done this go to our FREE Business Visualisation Tool. This may seem like a straight forward exercise but it is essential in growing a business.

The second foundation to cover off is your WHY.

As a serial entrepreneur I can tell you that years in, when you are still experiencing the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship (when some days all you seem to be doing is putting out fires), your Higher Purpose in Business is what helps to drive you and motivate you. It’s the thing that gives you goosebumps, its the purpose that unites the team and it’s a calling that goes beyond you and your business.

This is a MUST in growing a business.  Mission Statements are dead – Business Purpose is King.

If you have not defined your purpose go to Business Purpose is King where you can download a FREE resource tool that will help you and your team to Define your Higher Purpose in Business.

If you are in any doubt as to the importance of this step I suggest you look up Simon Sinek’s excellent Tedx Talk, Start with Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Action. `

This is not just about leadership and how you inspire your team, it is how you will find your tribe, it is how you will find customers and why customers will buy from you.

So once you have the 2 foundations of growing a business covered it’s time to focus in on your biggest challenges. Please let us know which is your biggest need in business from the following 3 options:

I need to market my business better so I get more sales.
I need to attract & onboard a fantastic team.
I need to be a better manager/leader.

Please use the message box below to tell us what is your greatest challenge with growing a business.  We are continuously building new FREE resources to help you. Feel free to ask a question of the Conscious CEO and we will get back to you.

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