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 “Leading from a place of love and trust instead of fear and stress will transform the world.”

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We serve leaders who want to make a difference. You may be a leader in a corporation or an entrepreneur who is growing and scaling a business. You may be just starting out, trying to get clarity on what your business is or should be.  At your core you know there is a better way to lead, a better way to grow a business by committing to purpose and people over profits. If you share that philosophy you’re in the right place.

At the Conscious CEO we have decided to give away many of our Tools and our Teachings for FREE because we believe; in sharing our value with you, that you will in turn share your value with others. There are 3 key areas of this site: Conscious Leadership Resources. Resources for Growing a Business and Resources for Starting a Business.

Free Resources

Check out our free resources that will help you get clarity on your direction, find the courage to get started and help you schedule your time to make it all happen.

Check out our free resources that will help you to scale and grow. There are tools to help you develop conscious leadership, marketing, growth hacking and much more.

Conscious Leadership

We train & coach leaders and teams in the principles of Conscious Leadership. We help teams unite behind a Higher Purpose, get clarity on their Core Values and embed Culture into the DNA of the business. We can also help transition your business from Hierarchy to Self Management. When you start and scale your own business one of the things that is often overlooked is Leadership. How you structure, manage and empower your team is going to make all the difference.  A Conscious CEO Business Coach can help you unite your team & corporation, help you to hire & onboard the right talent and create a culture that transforms your business. These principles of conscious leadership help to scale and grow businesses regardless of size. 

What We Do


principles of conscious leadership

6 Things to Know/Do/Be – Principles of Conscious Leadership

I believe one of the most important principles of Conscious Leadership is putting people and purpose over profits. One of my favourite quotes from John Mackey, CEO of Wholefoods: “A metaphor I like to use is that my body can’t live unless it’s making red blood cells,”...
repeating old behaviours

Catching Yourself Repeating Old Behaviours and What to Do About it..

Regardless of where we are on the scale of consciousness, unless we are a guru living in a cave , we exist in and interact with the modern world, and so let’s face it, stuff comes up. And sometimes when that stuff comes up we find ourselves repeating old behaviours...
business purpose

Mission Statements are Dead – Business Purpose Leads Supreme

Before we even get into the good, the bad and the ugly about Mission and Visions and why you need a business purpose statement, let’s just pause for a second and look at the vocabulary of business. It’s amazing to me how much of the language we use around business is...

Sharing the Love..

As a woman with an established yoga studio and emerging online business – I attended Miranda’s “Divining Your Purpose, Core Values & Culture” workshop and found it an excellent way to redefine, revisit & clarify the values of our business in a way that goes beyond profits and straight to the heart of our higher purpose. If you’re struggling to make decisions, unsure of your direction, or just want a blueprint that guide you on all your decisions from recruitment through to whether or not you should accept certain opportunities over others – I highly recommend Miranda from The Conscious CEO – not only for this workshop, but laser sharp guidance that comes from her years of hands on experience as a business owner, leader & mentor. Deb Young

Co Founder, Younga Yoga Studio and Stretch & Glow

Without Miranda, I would never have been confident enough to take the 1st step in this amazing journey. She has been an inspiration. Tracy Horey

Founder and CEO, Driving Online

We founded Win Win Parenting to create a vehicle to realise our HUGE mission: “To inspire and enable families to thrive”. Working with Miranda has helped us to achieve more clarity around where we’re heading and the next steps on the journey. The practical strategies in the workshop helped me, as the CEO, to support my team to articulate our purpose, identify our shared values and to create an inspiring and effective work-play culture.
Rosina McAlpine

Founder and CEO, Win Win Parenting

Miranda helped crystalise business purpose and values in a highly productive workshop with insightful and targeted questions. This clarity fuels both passion and motivation. I highly recommend any business wanting to tease out purpose or get consensus on values to attend this workshop. Carla Rogers

Co Founder , Evolves